About Me

Here you will find information about my personal interests and some off-work activities, that I pursue. Only a small portion of what I am passionate about is disclosed here. However, you can still find a few photographs showing me in various environments in the right sidebar.

Personal Interests

Travel is by far the most gratifying and exciting activity, that I undertake on a regular basis and therefore I seldom miss opportunities to visit foreign countries, experience different cultures or just converse with interesting people from all over the world. Consequently, I have travelled to many parts of the globe, including Asia, North as well as South America and Africa. Nevertheless, having been born in Europe, I did most of my travelling across the Old Continent, covering many countries from Scandinavia to the Balkans.

Even as a child, I was involved in various sports and especially in alpine disciplines on a competitive level. In fact, I was able to ski long before being able to actually walk, or so the saying goes in my family. In recent years I have expanded the scope of activities to encompass snowboarding and mountaineering in general. Since my residence isn't located in close proximity to any worthwhile mountains, I do spend much of my time and energy at the moment on cycling and the occasional volleyball match.

Cinema, and film more generally, represent another sphere of interest that has captured my imagination unlike anything else to date. While I certainly enjoy music or a good book, only movies seem to transmit such a diverse mixture of visceral emotions and cognitive stimuli at the same time. Of course I also enjoy movies for their entertainment value. I hold foreign films and especially Asian cinema in very high regard, as they offer access to otherwise unfamiliar cultures and ways of life that differ from my own.

Social Commitment

Claiming an European, and even international heritage, I support various organizations, that preserve unique national or even local identities, whilst encouraging the further integration of the world's people and their multifaceted communities. That is why I participate in activities of the Deutsch-Bulgarische Gesellschaft Dresden e.V. and other similar initiatives.

Boris Marinov - About Me

Photo Gallery

Below you can find a number of different photo sets from trips abroad and work-related events.